China petrochemical industry explosion-proof net is for electrical/non-electrical explosion-proof products manufacturing enterprises in petroleum, offshore petroleum, petrochemical industry and chemical industry as well as in special environment. It mainly publicizes relevant regulations and policies of state and trade as well as technical standards and rules, introduces electrical/non-electrical technical trends, products and supervision test in special environment (combustible and explosive, chemical corrosion, ocean salt, high heat and humidity, cold, dust and water), and provides relevant technical support.
Information about qualified Ex products certified by PCEC within validation is available in this system. Please follow the instructions to check.


Supervision & Test Center of Ex-products of China Petroleum & Chemical Industry    ICP:No05000975
Add: No.85, No.3 Road DingZiGu Tianjin China Tel:022-26651066 Fax:022-26689116
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